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ADASENS Automotive GmbH is specialized in software solutions for computer and image processing algorithms. Tailored to suit our customers’ purposes, these solutions are optimized, embedded in the clients‘ hardware, and implemented into the respective automotive ECU. As a well-established automotive supplier, ADASENS GmbH holds a TIER2 position and offers its range of products worldwide.

In 2006 the Bavarian ‘Silicon Valley’ was consciously chosen as a suitable location for the headquarters of ADAS Systems. Today we still appreciate the vivid knowledge transfer with local experts in Lindau / Weißensberg and the close vicinity to our partners and customers.

Customers of ADASENS GmbH benefit from both, our engineers‘ extensive knowledge in systems and a big pool of already existing solutions in the field of automotive machine vision algorithms, from a complete tool chain and well-established simulation all the way to state-of-the-art validation and testing.

Thanks to an excellent set of existing solutions that is already at our disposition and therefore free of risk, ADASENS GmbH is able to support its customers with a wide range of attractive options. To stay up-to-date, our range of licensed solutions is continuously optimized and extended.

Do you enjoy innovation?

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