AVTD'2018 - Unified System of Tools for ADAS

29.01.2018 - 10:17

The conference will be held in Stuttgart alongside Automotive Testing Expo 2018, the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to new vehicle development and testing, and in conjunction with Traffic Technology International magazine, the world’s leading magazine for advanced highway and traffic management technologies.

It will boast over 60 of the world’s leading experts in driverless vehicle testing. Advanced driver assistance systems giving rise to fully automated driving vehicle technology is nothing new.

Since the final meeting of the Eureka PROMETHEUS Project in Paris in 1994, it’s been clear that fully autonomous self-driving vehicles are set to become a reality, yet 20 years later the final stages of testing, validation and fail-safing pose a huge challenge to the automotive industry.

The rigorousness and thoroughness of the testing processes need to be conducted at an altogether higher level of fidelity than anything that has gone before, if the final reality is to be achieved with complete safety and integrity guaranteed.

AVTD'2018 Autonomous Vehicle Software

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