Machine Learning in the Automotive Industry

01.12.2017 - 10:12

Dr. Florian Baumann will be a speaker at:

M³-UK'2017 - Machine Learning in the Automotive Industry

Big data, smarter algorithms, and ever more powerful and accessible hardware promise to bring AI and machine-based learning out of the realms of academia and hyperscale players and into the hands of even the smallest organisation. M³ will bring together experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to help architects, developers and CIOs like you get on the path to a more intelligent technological future. Our line-up of speakers will take you beyond the hype, and show you how to use the latest tools and frameworks, how to get your team up and running on AI and ML projects, and what the technological and ethical pitfalls are. Along the way, we’ll consider the implications of AI, machine learning, data science and robotics, for society and business.

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