ADASENS Services

In detail

ADASENS know-how goes along within the automotive established develoment process (Automotive SPICE) and ISO9001, living the V-Model process.
It starts at the requirements phase, includes the complete development and ends with the validation process.

Additionally services are

  • Consulting the complete ADAS area (camera, system, embedded system, machine vision, tooling, sensor fusion)
  • Consulting, feasibility studies, pre-development projects, serial projects, off-the-shelf-algorithms
  • Recording, storing, labeling and analyzing of video-data
  • Developing prototype systems on PC-base
  • Testing ADAS systems on ADASENS own test fleet
  • Validating of the vision software on (semi)automated tool chain
  • Providing remote access to the whole toolchain including storage
  • Implementation of ADASENS algorithms on embedded customer systems
  • ADASENS Computer Vision framework for development, test, validation and visualization of ADAS algorithms

Business model

ADASENS is offering it’s services in several business cases.

  • Consulting: Time & material
  • Licensing: Royalty models for ADASENS algorithms
  • Project-based: fixed conditions for an end-to-end development

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